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You can be sure that your tree services will be handled with precision and care. The staff of Keller Tree Service Company does everything possible to protect your property and to make it positively stand out. If you have questions concerning the care your plant needs, our staff can come to your property for an estimate. Tree trimming and overall lawn maintenance is important to the foliage on your property. Allow us to show you why we’re considered pros as this job. No customer has ever been unsatisfied.

About Us

The staff at Keller Tree Service Company ​is always dedicated to being available to our customers. Our customers are our priority. If you set an appointment for an assessment and a tree removal or call us the day after a storm in the case of a tree emergency, our staff is grateful for the opportunity to help. Despite any stump grinding or stump removal process needs you may have, we take pride in being able to solve such problems instantly. The staff at Keller Tree Service Pros are proud of our high-quality customer service, as well having the best rates for the service we provide.

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We provide some of the most affordable services to clients who need immediate tree and lawn services. We have searched high and low and nothing compares to what we have to offer our clients. Our clients generally need assistance with tree trimming, tree cutting, bush removal, stump grinding, shrub trimming, and tree mulching. We offer these services and much more and there is no type of tree that we don’t have experience handling. We told you that this is our field of expertise. Popular services that we offer include
  • Tree and Bush Trimming
  • Tree Removal and Disposal
  • Stump Grinding and Removal
  • Tree Planting & Moving
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Emergency Tree Services

Tree and Bush Trimming

Tree and bush trimming are two of the most popular trimming services that we offer. Often, people have busy schedules. There isn’t enough time to ensure that trees and bushes are not appearing out of control. For our clients, this is a time-consuming task. For us, this is our gift that we wish to share with others. Some of the most well-maintained bushes and trees are a result of someone hiring our team to handle the dirty work, and we take pride in being able to help beautify our customers’ homes.

Tree Removal and Disposal

Sometimes, we are not asked to work on the upkeep of trees and bushes. Sometimes we are asked to get ride of the whole tree. This can be a major decision for some people to make although many of clients have finalized their plan when they call us. Our job is to make magic happen. We have the proper tools and truck to get the job done. This is not a job that should be handled by unskilled people. Trees are often heavier than they appear and you want to make sure you don’t leave tree damage in an area where your neighbors can be injured.

“I’m so glad that I can manage being a single mom and a CEO of a Fortune 500 Company while still having a nice front and backyard. Sometimes it’s a lot on my plate, but I’m glad I don’t have to sweat the small stuff which would actually be big stuff if left up to me.” —Gloria B..

Stump Grinding and Removal

In the off chance that any part of the stump is still visible after our stump grinding process is complete, our staff can cover the remaining stump with dirt or mulch to maintain the attractiveness of your property. Even though the stump grinding process is effective when it comes to aesthetics, there is a possibility that the tree may grow back since the roots are still in place. If you want to ensure that the tree you removed will not grow back, stump removal may be your best bet!

Tree Planting & Moving

Many trees die before they are transported when the work is done too quickly and not done properly. Sometimes, people assume that transporting and moving trees is as simple as moving flowers or less woody plants. To provide you with the fairest estimate, our contractors will evaluate the size of the tree, the time it will take (as many of our staff members work by the hour), the old location and new location, and the amount of crew and equipment that will be needed to complete the project.

“Sooo, let’s talk about how my lawn is the best one of my block. Everyone keeps asking me what I do to make it look so nice and manicured. I told them who I called. I hope that has brought in even more business to the company because they deserve it.” —Jane T.


​Lawn Maintenance

Our staff is well-trained and every member takes great pride in their professionalism. We understand that the lawns we maintain are a part of our reputation. Our reputation is very important to us. This is why our lawn maintenance crew goes through comprehensive training before working on any projects. We want our clients to have nothing but the best. We also want your neighbors to witness nothing but the best. We take pride in this task because it truly showcases the art of what we do.

​Emergency Tree Services

When it comes to trees and plants, storms can cause for emergencies to occur. Storms are unexpected instances that can result in great amounts of damage. The amount of damage that occurs as a result of a storm can oftentimes be overwhelming and can take a long time to take care of. This is where Keller Tree Service Company can step in and assist. We know you need a reliable source to assist when there is a possible hazard to your property. Allow us to clear up the mess nature can make.

“Keller Tree Services Company is one of the best kept secrets in town. I just love the way they care for my little pine tree. It’s amazing. I can’t take full credit for this tree that truly helps beautify my home. I can just be thankful that I decided to invest in this business.” — Cory G.

Contact Us

Our highly skilled and well-trained staff members can help you with any of your tree service needs. Be sure to contact Keller Tree Service Company for comprehensive tree services at competitive rates. Keller Tree Service Company ​is invested in making sure that your property is aesthetically pleasing, as well as safe. We look forward to helping you meet any and all of your tree service needs. Don’t be a stranger and don’t wait until it’s too late. As a property owner, it is critical to have maintenance staff for all of your indoor and outdoor needs on call. You want to make sure your home investment is worthwhile.