​​Tree Planting and Moving

Sometimes, when property owners look at their property, they may wish to have more trees in their front or backyard. Keller Tree Service Company is just the company for these property owners to call. We are able to move trees and to plant trees wherever possible. We at Keller Tree Service Pros understand that making the choice to plant a tree or move a tree is difficult. Because of this, our staff is always transparent when we arrive to your property to provide you with an estimate.


The cost of a tree planting or moving with Keller Tree Service Company can vary depending on different factors. Some of these factors include: the size of the tree, location of the tree, whether tools can excavate the root of a tree, and how long it may take to excavate a tree and transport it to a new location. Before any of our staff members provides a client with an estimate, we will be transparent about all the details that go into how we make an estimate.

Understanding the Process

While many property owners ask for tree planting and moving, not many understand everything that goes into transplanting or moving trees. Unfortunately, some people take on these tasks independently or hire people who are not well-versed in the transplantation and moving of trees. When the roots of a tree are exposed, the tree goes into shock, and sometimes trees die as a result of this shock. In spite of this risk, sometimes, in the name of improving a landscape design and fulfilling our clients’ vision for their property, we do everything we can to ensure that the process is done properly and that the health of trees are maintained.

Successful Transplantation

In order to ensure the success of transplantation and moving a tree, aftercare is vital! Every tree requires different kinds of care. Our staff will provide you with an aftercare plan. In addition to watering a transplanted tree, aftercare can include mulching and misting. Our staff members will be sure to provide detailed aftercare instructions. Keller Tree Service Pros will not guarantee any of our jobs if our clients do not follow aftercare according to what is specified.

Skilled Staff

Our highly skilled and well-trained staff members can help you with any of your tree service and lawn maintenance needs. Be sure to contact Keller Tree Service Company for comprehensive tree services at competitive rates. Keller Tree Service Pros is invested in making sure that your property is aesthetically pleasing, as well as safe. We look forward to helping you meet any and all of your tree service needs.


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