Tree Removal and Disposal

At Keller Tree Service Company, we love trees, and we prioritize keeping trees in the best condition. Unfortunately, there are times when the structure and health of a tree cannot be saved. In cases where a tree’s condition can no longer improve, the tree can become dangerous to people and structures around it over time. In these instances, tree removal is the best choice.
Deciding to remove a tree from your property is not easy. In spite of this, there sometimes comes a point when removing trees or other plants is best for the integrity of your property.

Natural Disasters

After storms and other natural disasters, several trees are damaged and begin to lean to the point of breaking. Sometimes, trees end up falling and can block pathways and travel routes, which can result in delays and in some cases, may result in injury. It is also possible that different insects infest trees, which can weaken the bark and cause it to lose stability Because we understand the difficulty of this decision, as well as the complexity of the tree removal and disposal process, the staff at Keller Tree Service Company want to ensure that you have the best experience possible.

Trained Staff

Our technicians are thoroughly trained to assess the current condition of the tree to see if its removal is necessary. If a removal is not needed, there are other services that we offer, which can help your tree remain on your property and grow healthily in the future. If the assessment is made and it is determined that we cannot do anything to preserve your tree, we will be sure to remove your tree safely and efficiently so that no longer poses a threat against structures on your property, or the safety of anyone that resides in or visits your property.

​Swift and Efficient

The staff at Keller Tree Service Pros are very proud of their comprehensive knowledge concerning the most recent methods and technology in tree care. Our staff uses nothing but the most effective and efficient methods and state of the art equipment to safely remove trees and dispose of trees. When it comes to tree removal and disposal, the staff at Keller Tree Service Company are dedicated to making sure that our customers have the safest and most efficient experiences. We always ensure tree removal and disposal processes are done swiftly and that these p cost effective.


In the case that there is a tree that poses a threat against the safety of your property, people who live on, and people who visit your property, Keller Tree Services Company is more than excited to provide safe and efficient tree removal and stump removal services. We are skilled at taking proper measurements and installing safety measures so that none of our clients risk being harmed by stubborn trees. Be sure to contact us at Keller Tree Services Pros if you want to have a great experience with tree services. You will be impressed with our level of professionalism and our dedication to great tree services.


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