​Lawn Maintenance

Many property owners pride themselves on maintaining their properties well. This includes having healthy, well-manicured lawns. A lawn is often the focal point of the landscape of a home, and a lawn is often the pride of property owners. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to do everything it takes to ensure that their lawns are healthy and well-maintained. Although some people do not understand the importance of lawn maintenance, it goes beyond the looks of a property. Our lawns are comprised of life. Just like we take care of our own bodies for our livelihood, we must nurture our lawns as well. Otherwise, our lawns will appear ill.

Manicured Lawns

A lawn that is well maintained and gets maintained regularly will have less insects or vermin and can also tolerate changes in temperature more readily. What many people do not know about lawns is that every lawn is of a different variety of grass. Not every lawn can be cut or cared for the same. We take the grass variety of your lawn into consideration when we create and work through maintenance plan for you! How a person presents impacts how he or she is received. View your lawn the same way. A manicured lawn will change the way your neighbors see you, in the healthiest way.

State of the Art Equipment

Keller Tree Service Company takes great pride in using state of the art equipment for all of our services and projects, and that includes lawn maintenance. We believe that anything less than the best lawn equipment is not good enough for our clients! Our staff will come to your property with professional grade equipment to ensure that your lawn is cut accurately, and to ensure that your lawn is vibrant in appearance in between maintenance visits. We cannot offer you new and improved images with old equipment. We remain up-to-date with technologies that will give our clients results!

Our Primary Goal

Something that is important to us is that every property that we work on looks better than how we left it. We know that cut grass does not disappear on its own. Although many people would not consider cleaning as the most fun part of lawn maintenance, it is the most important step. Our staff understands that cut grass needs to be swept away and disposed of. After we are done with working on your property, there will be no remnants of your cut lawn. No one will even know we were even there! If you want to let neighbors or visitors that we were there if you like the work that we have completed, feel free to refer them to us!

Thorough Staff

A staff member of Keller Tree Service Company is more than willing to go to your property to provide an estimate for a one-time mowing service, or to provide an in-person explanation of our scheduled maintenance programs. Our scheduled maintenance programs can allow for property owners to rest assured that their lawn will be cared for consistently throughout the year. With care from our team of well-trained experts, your lawn will be the talk of the town, and these are the results that we desire. We want you to laud our services and the aesthetic finish our your lawn. Your investment should make you smile!

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