​​Stump Grinding and Removal

Trees enhance the beauty of any landscape. Not only are trees beautiful, but they also help us breathe more easily by clearing the air of toxins. Unfortunately, there are instances when trees become unstable and/or unhealthy and must be removed. Often, when trees are removed, stumps are left behind. Stumps can cause a property that is typically beautiful and well-maintained to look unkempt.

Unattractive Stumps

When stumps are present, they draw negative attention to the property. The stress of having stumps and the thought of removing stumps can be too much for property owners. With Keller Tree Sevice Company, we provide our clients with the options of stump grinding or stump removal. These two methods are incredibly effective, but property owners sometimes prefer one method to another. While our staff prides ourselves in providing top notch service regardless of the options they choose, it is important for our clients to understand the difference between stump grinding and stump removal so that they can appropriately tend to their property once our services are completed.

Stump Grinding

The stump grinding process allows for the roots of a tree that was removed to remain in the ground. In stump grinding, the stump is grinded until it is only a few inches above the ground. After the stump grinding process is complete, the ground up remnants can be repurposed and used for mulch. This process not only allows for the stump to be less visible, but it is also eco-friendly, as materials can be recycled and potentially used for other landscaping projects!

Complete Process

The process of stump removal allows for both the stump and the root ball of the tree to be completely removed. This is an incredibly involved and sometimes difficult process, but nothing is too much for the Keller Tree Service Company staff! This process can sometimes take a good amount of time because the root ball of a tree can sometimes grow to be up to ten times larger than the tree itself! When both the root ball and stump are removed, there is a possibility that there may be a large hole on your property. The main upside is that you will not have to worry about the tree growing again.

Popular Service

Many clients who choose Keller Tree Service Company for their stump grinding and removal service needs usually choose the stump grinding method. The stump grinding method costs less than the stump removal method, and it takes less time than the stump removal process. With that said, it does not have the guarantee that the stump removal process does of a tree not growing back in the same spot. With Keller Tree Service Company, either process will be completed by well-trained tree service experts. Each process will be useful to you if you want to take care of any stumps on your property. We also offer tree planting service.


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