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You have learned all about the services we offer. You know that we not only help to beautify the outside of your home by helping to maintain trees and lawns, but we can also get rid of the trees and plants that you no longer find desirable. You may even have a situation in which you want to be precautious and get rid of that tree has been leaning near your window for too long. We think it’s a smart idea to plan ahead. You don’t want to experience a storm and suddenly the branch of a tree has busted through your window. You will then have more than one problem in terms of making repairs. Allow us to save you from having a major headache.

We know that we have the expertise that can help make our customers’ lives less hectic. We want you to be able to feel good—not only in terms of having a more inviting home appearance but also when you consider the amount of money you spend on your property. Landscaping brings beauty to homes, but it also helps to increase the value of property if you want to sell your property in the future. The staff at Keller Tree Service Company not only wants to care for your trees. We want to ensure that your property’s value and appearance are at their highest potential and that we meet all of your needs.


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